Girl Creates Plastic Curtain With Arm Holes To Hug Her Grandparents

Plastic curtain with arm holes is genius hack to get to hug grandparents A plastic curtain with armholes brought 10-year-old Paige Okray the thing she’s really been missing during this coronavirus lockdown. A hug with her grandparents. She and her mom, Lindsay, created the curtain using a shower curtain, paper plates, Ziploc bags and a hot glue gun. ‘You get to hug me!’ Paige Okray to her grandparents on the other side of plastic curtain Mom Lindsay is a nurse

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Epic Dance off In The Street Helps Grandfather & Granddaughter Overcome Quarantine Separation

Epic dance off brings family together for a moment of joy during coronavirus quarantine No one is more shocked about the epic dance off taking place in the streets of Nashville than Sherrie Neely. She’s a mom to her 6-year-old daughter, Kira, and daughter to her 81-year-old father. The family is very close. They live across the street from one another. Sherrie writes on Facebook that her little girl is used to seeing her grandpa every day. That’s just not

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Generous Farmers Help Grieving Neighbor Harvest Over 100 Acres In A Day

It’s more than wheat, hay and other crops farmers are growing in Connorsville, Indiana. They are growing generosity, love and compassion. Things you don’t know you have until times are hard. Beyond hard. Challenges you would wish on no one. That’s what Steve Wollyung’s family is facing. Just days getting ready to harvest 112 acres on his farm, Steve’s four-year-old granddaughter, Ayla, died in an accident on the farm. Finishing that harvest was the last thing Steve could handle right

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