Beloved Grandma Leaves Holiday Treasure For Grieving Family Who Miss Her So

Why now?      Why do the holidays have to come now?      Sure, I know, they come the same time every year.      But some years,      It sure seems it would be better if they didn’t come around.      Not so soon.      Too soon for my friend, Suzanne.      She lost her mom in September.      Suddenly, unexpectedly.      There is something about the first time you lose a parent.      Is it better,      Or harder when

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Grandma’s Accidental Thanksgiving Invitee Welcomed Back For Seconds

Thanksgiving at grandma’s house. A tradition as American as the holiday itself. Grandmas want everyone around their table. The more the merrier. Which is why this story makes so much sense. Jamal Hinton was at Wanda Dench’s house in Mesa, Arizona this year. The continuation of a tradition that started last year with an accidental text. The one Dench meant to send to her grandsons telling them what time dinner would start. One glitch. She sent that text to the

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Grandson Orders Pizza To Check On Grandma After Hurricane Matthew

It’s hard to top this pizza story. A man in Nebraska was worried about his grandma in Florida when he hadn’t heard from her in a couple of days. 87-year-old Claire Olsen made it through Hurricane Matthew just fine in Palm Coast, Florida, but her phone line was out, meaning family around the country was unable to check on her. Leave it to her brilliant grandson to come up with genius way to check on her. He ordered a pizza

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