Musher Using Her Sled Dogs To Deliver Groceries To Seniors In Rural Maine

Musher Hannah Lucas says she and her sled dogs just want to help people during the coronavirus Musher Hannah Lucas and her 12 sled dogs have big dreams. They live in Northern Maine where this fabulous 22-year-old woman is training to be a sled dog racer in Aroostook County. They train dragging heavy bags of sand. A problem and a solution Working at the store, she saw a lot of older folks taking chances just to get a little bit

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Tyler Perry Buys Groceries For Seniors And High Risk Shoppers At More Than 70 Grocery Stores

Superstar Tyler Perry picked up the tab for groceries during special senior shopping hours at Kroger and other stores Tyler Perry turned grocery angel for seniors and people who are considered at risk as they did their shopping today. Many stores are reserving the 8am hour for these shoppers. Perry arranged to pick up the tab for every shopper buying groceries at 44 Kroger stores across Atlanta Wednesday morning. He did the same at 29 Winn Dixie grocery stores in

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