Couple Is More In Love And Adorable Than Ever After Husband’s Brush With Death

I am in love with this story about a couple who shows me what long lasting love is all about. How adorable are Joe and Margie Leifken? When Joe felt chest pains a few months ago, his biggest fear was being separated from his wife, his Margie. The paramedics who responded to the call tell an incredible story of what Joe’s final words were to them. Leave it to Steve Hartman of CBS News to tell this sweet story. And

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Inmates Break Out Of Cell To Save Prison Guard Having A Heart Attack

What an incredible moment to see inmates bust out of their cell to save the life of an armed guard when he suddenly falls over of an apparent heart attack. And they did it while they were shackled. The lifesaving heroics took place in a jail near Dallas, Texas. WFAA reports it happened on June 23 in a holding cell in the basement of the District Courts Building in Weatherford. At least eight prisoners were behind a locked door in a

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