Students Make Favorite Teacher Cry With Zoom Surprise Waiting Behind Turned Off Cameras

Gratitude and tears waiting for beloved teacher @laurenherrle13 surprised the sweetest teacher on our last day of class ?❤️ ##HolidayCrafts ##CancelTheNoise ##UpTheBeat ##fyp ♬ original sound – lauren herrle With a semester of Zoom classes wrapping up, students and teachers are tired and spent. Some high schoolers gathered up some remaining energy to surprise one of their favorite teachers. The TikTok video has more than five million views. It shows the teacher confused as to why all his students’ cameras

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How One Large Public High School Is Going Phone-Free For Entire School Year

How do you get high school kids to go phone-free for entire school day, everyday? San Mateo High School is going phone-free starting with this school year. It is the largest public high school in the US to make this move. How do you get high school students to loosen their cement clasp around their phones? It is the heart of Silicon Valley, so you go with some new technology. KGO-TV reports the school will be using something called a

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