How Hugh Jackman Defied Doctor’s Orders To Get ‘The Greatest Showman’ Greenlit

Superstars don’t come much more talented than Hugh Jackman. He can act, sing, dance. He’s all around charming. You can add passionate and dedicated to the list, as well. When he finds a project he really wants to do there is no stopping him. This was the case the the current smash movie, “The Greatest Showman.” Apparently, Hollywood executives weren’t completely sold on the idea of making this movie. Producers spent months coordinating a date where they could see the

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Hugh Jackman Looking To Change The World One Cup Of Coffee At A Time

You love superstar Hugh Jackman for his roles in Les Mis and playing the Marvel Comics character, Wolverine. Maybe you’ve seen him in his Tony Award and Golden Globe Award winning roles on Broadway and television. Somewhere along the way on the road to stardom, he found a bigger purpose. Maybe he could use his fame and money to make the world a better place. Jackman found his inspiration at the bottom of a cup of coffee and from another superstar.

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