Venice Canals Are Cleaner & Clearer Than Anyone Can Remember With Less Boat Pollution Due Coronavirus Lockdown

Venice canals are getting an unexpected benefit from the coronavirus lockdown-clean water! Venice hasn't seen clear canal water in a very long time. Dolphins showing up too. Nature just hit the reset button on us — Gianluca De Santis (@b8taFPS) March 17, 2020 Venice canals are showing signs of life that Venetians don’t ever remember seeing. The historic city has been in lockdown as Italy tries to get a handle on the coronavirus pandemic. No tourists and no business

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Quarantined Italians Sing From Their Balconies To Raise Their Spirits & Ours

Quarantined Italians sing showing the power of song during these trying times Quarantined Italians are going to what they know soothes the soul–the power of music. The country is in lockdown to try to quell the spread of the coronavirus which has ravaged the country. And so, Italians are taking to their balconies. They are singing familiar songs and harmonizing with neighbors they might actually have never met. Here is one of the first posts of many to social media.

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This Is The Last Place I Ever Expected To Spend My Wedding Anniversary

This is the last place I ever imagined I’d spend my wedding anniversary. On top of a mountain. In Oman. Go ahead and look on a map. I had to. We’re talking the other side of the globe. A tiny country bordered by The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Yeah, Yemen. Which my husband insisted we would only end up in if we took a wrong turn. Welcome to the latest travel creation of the man I’ve come

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