Former Janitor Graduates With Nursing Degree From Same University Where He Used To Clean

From janitor to nurse, Frank Baez, has always been about taking care of others. Former janitor, Frank Baez, set his sight on a big American Dream. He came to the United States from the Dominican Republic with his mother when he was only 15. He started working as a janitor at New York University. At the Langone Tisch Hospital he cleaned patient rooms, bathrooms and hallways. He tells ABC News, “I could barely speak English at the time when I

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Janitor Graduates From College He Spent Decade Cleaning

Michael Vaudreuil didn’t set out to be a janitor. But he sure was grateful for the job when his world fell apart. Here’s a man who had his own plastering business, but lost everything when the recession hit in 2007. Everything. His business, his home, his car. This tremendous man did what he had to. Took the only job he could find. Turns out it was at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachussettes. Just to break up the boredom he took

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