Homeless Dog Becomes Certified Narcotics K9 With Mind-Blowing Talents

Sheriff deputies discover homeless dog has rare talent for narcotics K9 work Who you calling a homeless dog? That’s Narcotics K9 Triton to you, thank you very much. A much deserved rank and position. The Darien News reports officials in Darien, Georgia got complaints about a homeless person living in a storage room in a city park. Instead of a person they discovered a skittish dog who had been deprived of food, water, and attention living locked up in squalid

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Police Dog Hero Honored As He Saves His Partner’s Life

If you’re a dog lover, get ready to weep for a police dog hero. Jethro. To understand and celebrate the love, dedication, and appreciation Canton, Ohio police officer Ryan Davis has for his partner. CBS News’ Steve Hartman does such a beautiful job of tell the story of these two best friends. The way his entire family loved this dog. The shock of losing Jethro. The grief. The wonderful way hundreds turned up this week to honor one fine dog.

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