College Student Makes Masks For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Masks for deaf feature clear panel showing wearer’s mouth College student Ashley Lawrence is making masks for deaf and hard of hearing people. She’s a student at Eastern Kentucky University where she’s studying education for the deaf. That’s how she was so in tune with the need. She explained to that ASL users depend a lot on facial expressions to communicate. That’s part of the grammar. She points to ASL interpreter Virginia Moore who signs for the daily news

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Judge Allows Inmate To Meet Baby Son For First Time

An exception, a rare act of compassion for an inmate. A man who happens also to be a new father. This is nothing they teach you in law school. Or how to be a judge. Still, Louisville, Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf calls this “probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.” Judge Wolf pushed aside typical procedures and allowed inmate James Roeder to meet his one-month old son for the first time. reports that both Roeder and his

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