“Make America Kittens Again” Turns Every Photo Of Donald Trump Into Pictures Of Kittens

Nothing like kittens to help bring down your blood pressure. And if you are of the thinking that you’re sick of seeing pictures of Donald Trump plastered all over the media, Google Chrome has an extension for you. One that will crack you up. It’s called “Make America Kittens Again.” It turns every photo of Donald Trump into a picture of an adorable little kitty. The Wrap reports you simply download the extension and the magic of the internet will

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Temptations Holiday Cat Commercial Is A Gift To Us Cat Lovers

A tip of the elf’s hat to the folks who make Temptations cat treats. They’ve come up with a really funny and cute holiday commercial that will make any cat lover laugh. What is it about holiday decorations and food that make for a disaster waiting to happen when you add your cat? Could this be your house? This is called, “Keep Them Busy.” Temptations is reminding us pet lovers to remember to gift our best friends with the hashtag

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Mama Cat Refuses To Be Separated From Her Missing Kittens

The mystery began when a box of four adorable kittens were dumped outside a vet’s office in New Zealand. Of course, the staff did the only thing they could–brought them in and started caring for them. The Daily News reports the story continued the next morning when an adult tabby appeared at the front door and tried to dash inside every time the door opened. The cat wouldn’t give up. Eventually, one of the staff picked up the determined cat

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