10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Gets His Wish To Meet Former President Jimmy Carter

Forget going to Disneyland or meeting some pop singer, former President Jimmy Carter was the dream come true for 10-year-old Carter Beckhard-Suozzi. The Make-A-Wish foundation granted the boy a wish as he battled leukemia. ABC News says Carter was very clear on his wish. He wanted to meet the man he is named after and talk about all that they have in common. No matter what your politics, I think you have to agree this is a pretty special moment and

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Construction Workers Create Sign For Special Little Girl

Just who are those workers so many stories in the air of a construction site? Hidden below the brims of their construction helmets, focused on the challenging and dangerous job in front of them? In St. Louis, two of those workers caught the eye of the “girl in the window.” 2-year-old Vivian Keith was in insolation across the way from the construction site at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, being treated for leukemia. The brightest part of her day? Waving at

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