Neighbors Give Beloved Longtime Mailman A Final Day Of Work He’ll Never Forget

Mailman Floyd Martin’s service and retirement is getting worldwide attention. The neighbors of Marietta, GA want to make sure their longtime mailman, Floyd Martin, gets the message. They love him and they sure appreciate his more than 35 years of service. The AJC reports on Mr. Martin’s last day, neighbors decorated their mailboxes, came out with gifts, and threw a huge party, all in honor or “Mr. Floyd.” Reporter’s tweet thread goes viral Reporter Jennifer Brett followed along on Martin’s

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Fumble: Handling A Family Crisis From Across The Country

“We have a crisis going on here.” Those are not exactly the words you want to hear from your daughter when you’re calling home from the other side of the country. “I’ve only been gone a few hours. What could possibly have gone wrong?” I asked with a jillion scenarios racing through my mind. “Daddy can’t find his keys,” my daughter explained. “Oh,” was all I could say, at first simultaneously giving thanks that that was all it was, and

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