Adopted Dog Plays Matchmaker. Finds His Human A Husband

Luka and Alicia had a love affair going even before he played matchmaker Matchmaker and adopted dog, Luka, and his human, Alicia, are the perfect example of how it’s impossible to tell who is saving whom when you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group. Alicia had always dreamed of adopting a dog. Then she met Luka at the Animal Foundation in Las Vegas. He became her constant companion and her best friend. That was great enough. Then,

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Matchmaker Nurse Has Incredible Track Record Helping Folks Find Love

Heather Polan Berken has a talent they don’t teach in nursing school. She’s a successful matchmaker. She just gets this feeling when she meets someone who is single. She just might have someone who could be a great match for them. The stats speak for themselves. Six marriages, five long-term couples, and six kids. That’s enough to get the attention of in Milwaukee who put together this story on Heather and some of her matches. What a perfect blend–A

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