Hurricane Hero Loses $10 Million Bet When Houston Astros Won The World Series

Has anyone ever been so happy to lose a bet? You might remember the awesome Jim McIngvale. He’s known around Houston as, “Mattress Mack,” for the commercials he does for his furniture stores. After Hurricane Harvey, he opened those stores as shelters for folks who needed a place to stay. Now, Mattress Mack has done it again. The Houston Chronicle reports he made a bet with customers on The World Series. McIngvale promised to refund customers of Gallery Furniture who spent $3,000

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Houston Mattress Store Owner Opens His Business To Hundreds Of Hurricane Evacuees

He’s known around Houston as, “Mattress Mack.” Long before Hurricane Harvey ravaged his hometown, Jim McIngvale, was known throughout the region for his good works. This week is a huge cherry on top. Without anyone asking him to do it, McIngvale opened his stores, turning them into evacuation centers for anyone who needed a safe, dry place to stay. Even better, he sent his store’s trucks to pick up folks who might be stranded. No, No one asked. McIngvale would

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