Pregnant Mayor-Elect Paige Cognetti Will Be First Female Mayor Of This Pennsylvania City

Pregnant mayor-elect Paige Cognetti is making all kinds of history in Scranton, Pennsylvania Mayor-elect Paige Cognetti will be the first female mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the very pregnant Cognetti will be the first to give birth during her term in office. Quite a story for a young woman who is taking on a huge challenge. She ran in a special election after Scranton’s then-mayor, Bill Courtright, pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges. Cognetti stepped into the race as an

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Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Becomes A First Time Mom Adopting Baby Girl

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser knows big things are possible. After all, she became mayor of the city she grew up in. At the age of 45, she had never married or had kids. Last year, she decided she wanted to change that and started looking into adoption. She has announced that she is now a mom, adopting a baby girl. Mayor Bowser says she started the adoption process thinking it might take longer than it actually did. The lessons

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