Giggling Howl-Off Between Toddler And His Husky Goes Viral

Because sometimes you need to howl to the skies how much you love your buddy This Husky dog knows just how to keep his toddler buddy happy and entertained. Mom Alix Smith posted on Facebook what has become a common conversation between her 2-year-old son Braxton and the family’s 6-year-old Husky, Boston. She tells Fox17 in Michigan she started recording the exchange just because she thought it was cute. She didn’t expect to get millions of views and comments from

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Kindergartner Invites His Entire Class To His Adoption Hearing And Makes His Dad Cry

Adoption Hearing turns into a sea of hearts and love for 5-year-old Michael Clark, Junior An adoption hearing is already one of the happiest events any judge gets to oversee. Judge Patricia Gardner got to look out into a sea of hearts this week as she made it official. Michael Orlando Clark, Jr is now the son of David Eton and Andrea Melvin, a married couple who have been foster parents to Michael for over a year. Melvin told CNN

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Walmart Worker Uses Her Break To Paint Fingernails For Woman With Disability

Angela Peters just wanted her fingernails manicured. That didn’t seem to be a lot to ask when she went into the Da-Vi nail salon inside a Walmart in Burton, Michigan last week. But even simple things can be challenging when you live with cerebral palsy like Peters does. Not that she’s isn’t very able. She’s a poet and an artist. Apparently, though, the folks at Da-Vi weren’t interested in making her a customer. They told she shakes too much they

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