News Anchor Gina Maravilla Shares Her Deaf Daughter’s Inspiring Cochlear Implant Journey

Cochlear implant has brought Gina Maravilla’s daughter’s hearing back for a second time A device called a cochlear implant is a miracle for AZ Family anchor Gina Maravilla, her family, and especially her 11-year-old daughter, Kennedy. Kennedy wasn’t born completely deaf, but she has had hearing issues from the beginning. When she was four-years-old she completely lost hearing in her left ear. That’s when she received her first implant. It has been a big success. A few months ago, Kennedy

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Laid Off News Anchor Moves To Sailboat To Afford Living In Bay Area

I’ll admit that a headline announcing that a laid off news anchor has to live aboard a small sailboat just to make ends meet in the incredibly expensive San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t sound very inspiring or uplifting. When I clicked on the link, I was expecting to hear a tale of woe, even bitterness. What I found, instead, was an uplifting tale of a woman who has taken something she would’ve never chosen–losing her job–and turned it into

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When I Used To Be Someone

Whoa! This column got a huge response. I’ve received more email than I have in a long time. Feel free to comment at the bottom. And please catch my column each week in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Dayton Daily News.   All I really wanted was a manicure. Really, just about a half-hour to myself, a trim of some nasty hangnails and a couple coats of pretty light pink nail polish. “Bubble Bath,” I read on the bottom

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