Firefighter Baby Boom Has New Dads On Permanent Call In Oklahoma

An adorable baby boom in Oklahoma has folks asking, “What is in the water down there?” Seven of the firefighters in the Glenpool Fire Department have had babies this year. Well, their wives have done the heavy lift, of course. Still, the coincidence and joy were too much to ignore. Alyssa Shanks decided this bunch need a group photo, so soon after Baby #7 popped out, (that would be Gracie Lynn) the families gathered together for some adorable group photos.

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Dancing Airport Employee Entertains Little Girls Waiting For Christmas Flight

Dancing is probably not the first impulse you have as you’re slugging through holiday travel. That’s why this video that one dad shot in a Dallas airport is such a kick. Literally. Joe Vaughn of Moore, Oklahoma shared a Facebook live video of his little girls capturing the attention and delight of a fun-spirited airport employee working on the tarmac below. reports that Vaughn and his family were waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight back home to Oklahoma when

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