Jewish and Muslim Paramedics Pray Together In Israel Between Caring For Coronavirus Patients

Two Israeli paramedics share a spiritual moment on a rare break during the coronavirus crisis Paramedics Avraham Mintz and Zoher Abu Jama have been working an intense schedule of responding to coronavirus patients in Israel. CNN reports the two men are members of Magen David Adom (MDA,) Israel’s emergency response service. They had just responded to a woman in the town of Be’er Sheva. It was about 6 o’clock in the evening. It was the first time the two overwhelmed

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Paramedic Helps Teen Tie His Tie Before Prom

Chances are they didn’t cover this in paramedic training. That didn’t stop one kind man from helping out a teenager in Pennsylvania. Jared Bryer’s partner caught the moment in a photo and posted it on Facebook. Mary Terrinoni explains how she and Bryer were in their truck when the high schooler came up and asked for help. She told Fox5, “He was getting ready for his high school prom and didn’t know how to tie his tie,” Terrinoni said. “My heart was pretty

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