Closed Shedd Aquarium Letting Penguins Explore & Visit Other Animals

Shedd Aquarium lets penguins go on a field trip to explore and visit The Shedd Aquarium is like just about every other public place in America right now. It is closed to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Kudos to the marine biologists at Shedd who saw an opportunity. They let some of the penguins explore the aquarium and check out other animals. The Shedd folks shared one particularly cute video of Wellington, a rockhopper penguin. The Chicago Tribune

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Custom Wet Suit Stitched Up For Penguin With Feather Loss Problem

It looks so fun to be a penguin. One with a feather loss problem? Not so much. Just ask a little squirt of a girl at Sea World who goes by the name of, “Wonder Twin.” She’s been losing feathers. Chunks of them. Which is a bigger deal than simply a fashion challenge. The Guardian reports this also makes it really hard for her to manage her body temperature and pop in and out of the water with the other

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Loyal Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles Every Year To Reunite With Man Who Saved His Life

Because this penguin understands what it is to have a best friend. The Daily Mail reports retired bricklayer and part time fisherman Joao Pereira de Souza,  discovered the tiny bird languishing on rocks in 2011. He’s 71-years-old and from an island village just outside Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The poor little guy was covered in oil. Joao cleaned him up, nursed him back to health, and named him Dindim. When the bird appeared to be recovered, Joao released him back to sea,

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