First All-Female Hurricane Hunter Flight Crew Makes NOAA History

First all-female hurricane hunter flight crew hoping to inspire girls and save lives The first all-female hurricane hunter flight crew for The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is working hard. They are part of an expert team of scientists who are trying to gather as much data as possible about Hurricane Dorian as it barrels toward the East Coast. Making history NOAA says this is the first time an all-female crew of three pilots has flown a reconnaissance mission for

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Off-Duty Pilot Helps Out Overwhelmed Mother-Of-Four By Feeding Her Baby

Captain Tom Nystrom is not only a pilot for Finnair, he’s also a dad. As such, he knows you’re never really off-duty when you’re a parent. That’s why when he was flying off-duty as a pilot, he was more than happy to be an extra set of hands for an overwhelmed mom who was traveling alone with four young children on a flight most probably to the Helsinki Airport. One of the crew snapped a picture of Nystrom with a contented

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