Retiring Cop Surprised And Overwhelmed By Son As He Radios In For The Last Time

Retiring police officer Duane Ledoux has made a career out of being a cop. After more than 32 years serving on the Southbridge, Massachusetts Police Department, Ledoux radioed in for the last time earlier this summer. Little did Officer Ledoux realize, his son, Nate, would be the one responding for his dad’s final radio call. No doubt, Ledoux has to be a tough guy to serve all those years on the force. All the more reason it is so heartwarming

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Double Amputee Marine Becomes A Cop And Makes History

So much of Matias Ferreira’s life has not gone to plan. He never planned on losing both his legs and becoming a double-amputee while serving with the US Marines in Afghanistan. Once he started healing, Ferriera is the kind of man who was determined to come up with a new dream. Leave it to him to come up with a goal no one had accomplished before. He wanted to become a police officer. Friday, that dream came true. Big time. Steve

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How A Breastfeeding Police Officer Saved Abandoned Baby’s Life

Police officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea is a heroine and a new mom all at the same time. She was called to a remote part of the forest near La Marina, Colombia, where an abandoned baby had been found by a woman who was out looking to collect oranges. The baby was in bad shape. It’s umbilical cord was still attached, it was suffering from dehydration and hypothermia. The Daily Mail reports Officer Urrea also happens to be a new mom,

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