Taylor Swift Surprises With Serenade At Couple’s Engagement Party

Taylor Swift Loves Love Superstar Taylor Swift has made a career of singing about her failed relationships. But she still must be a romantic at heart. The Daily Mail reports that super fan Alex Goldschmidt decided to propose while listening to Taylor’s song “King of My Heart” on the radio. For a little something extra. Make that a BIG something extra he took a huge swing–he emailed Swift and asked if she could sing the song at their engagement party.

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He Put A Ring On It! Beyonce’s Lead Dancer Gets Engaged During Concert

One of superstar singer Beyonce’s most popular songs is “All The Single Ladies.” You can’t help put repeat the refrain over and over, “If you liked it should’ve put a ring on it.” I hear you singing it right now. One of her back up dancers, John Silver, must’ve been listening closely when they performed that song last week in St. Louis during The Formation World Tour. The Daily Mail reports Silver popped the question to fellow dancer, Ashley Everett,

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