Woman Quarantines With Ex-Husband, Their Kids, His Wife, Her Ex-Husband & Their Kids!

Quarantine with ex-husband and the rest of this modern family seemed the best option for all during the coronavirus lockdown Denise Albert never imagined living with her ex-husband again. Crazy coronavirus quarantine times call for situations none of us could’ve ever imagined. She explains the series of events that led to this set up on Facebook and in more detail on this post on ThriveGlobal.com. Albert shares two young sons with her ex-husband, who is remarried. Her ex’s wife has

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Famous Museums Offering Virtual Tours So You Can Experience Greatness From Your Home

These famous museums are making it possible to experience greatness even if you’re quarantined. 12 of the most famous museums in the world feel your shut in pain. Here you are limited in what you can do and where you can go because of the coronavirus. What if you could travel the world and see the great works housed in the world’s most famous museums without leaving your house? Travel + Leisure magazine has put together a great feature that

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