Refugee Man Collapses In Texas Airport As He’s Reunited With His Family After Four Years Apart

I dare you to watch the reunion of this refugee family in a Texas airport and not begin to weep. They’ve been separated for four years since the war in Sudan forced them to flee. The mother and children were allowed to immigrate to America from a Sudanese refugee camp. The woman’s husband wasn’t allowed in the country until this remarkable day. Actually, the mother was pregnant when she arrived, so you’re about to see a father meet his son

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Lost Boy Of Sudan Refugee Becomes Atlanta Police Officer

Jacob Mach has one incredible refugee story as a former “Lost Boy of Sudan.” NPR reports Mach was one of 20,000 boys forced from their home in Sudan in 1987 because of the Second Sudanese Civil War. Only half survived the thousand-mile trek by foot to a refugee camp in Kenya. Mach arrived in the US when he was 21. He went on to graduate from Georgia State University. That’s where his big dream of becoming a police officer was

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