Dog’s Favorite Chew Toy Comes To Life Thanks To Awesome Boyfriend

It’s not everyday that a dog’s favorite chew toy comes to life. That’s exactly what happened for one beyond-thrilled Golden Retriever. Jolene lives for her toy shaped like Gumby. Jolene’s human, Emily Crisp, lives for Jolene. Something his dog-crazy person understands. How about you? The San Francisco Chronicle reports Emily convinced her boyfriend, Ben Mesches, that he should dress up as a life-sized Gumby just to bring joy to Jolene. Sounds like Emily knows her dog well. Jolene’s response to

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Sea Otter Pup Reunited With His Mama Makes Cutest Moment Of The Day

I have to say I was intrigued with the headline about a sea otter pup being reunited with his mother. How is this going to work? Turns out beautifully. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the pup was only a couple days old when it was separated from its mother. They suspect the pair were separated in a particularly strong tide last week as mama foraged for food. Experts from the Marine Mammal Center found the pup floating alone off the

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