Celebrity Chef Offers Job To Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Food To Student Who Couldn’t Pay

Lunch lady Bonnie Kimball says she was fired for serving up kindness. New Hampshire lunch lady Bonnie Kimball says she was fired for giving a break to a high school student who a bridge. Who needed to eat. She says in March a supervisor at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in Manchester, New Hampshire saw her let a student take $8 of food from the cafeteria without paying. The student told her he didn’t have any money with him that

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Heart-Melting Reason Boy Asked Mom To Pack Two School Lunches

It wasn’t that big of a deal for Josette Duran to pack two school lunches. She started doing it when her son, Dylan, asked her to. She figured she had a growing boy who wanted more food. Until the day she asked him, “Are you not getting full?” That’s when Dylan shared the extra food wasn’t for him. It was for another boy at school who couldn’t afford to buy or bring lunch. When the other boy’s mother found out

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