Watch Adorable Baby Sea Otter Munch On Tiny Ice Cubes

You can watch Joey, the baby otter munch on tiny crushed ice cubes. Why? There’s no why. Simply, it’s the cutest thing you will see today, on a day when your brain can use a break from the stress of all the election coverage. This is the little guy who everyone can agree is just the cutest. The video comes courtesy of the folks at the Vancouver Aquarium. Joey was rescued as a tiny baby. Because his mother died before

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Sea Otter Pup Reunited With His Mama Makes Cutest Moment Of The Day

I have to say I was intrigued with the headline about a sea otter pup being reunited with his mother. How is this going to work? Turns out beautifully. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the pup was only a couple days old when it was separated from its mother. They suspect the pair were separated in a particularly strong tide last week as mama foraged for food. Experts from the Marine Mammal Center found the pup floating alone off the

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