My mother made me do a crazy thing before I left to cover a war

(I’m pulling out a column from way back in honor of the brave journalists covering the mess in Ukraine.) 10 years later I still can’t believe I did this. But, I guess when your mother catches you keeping one of the biggest secrets of your life, you do as you’re told. Rewind the tape to 2003 when President George W. Bush had declared the US would invade Iraq. If you remember correctly, he just didn’t say exactly when, which, it

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When the tears and time come too quickly

I spoke too fast.      Maybe I was simply defensive.      Husband was so sure the answer was, “Yes.” I wouldn’t be surprised to discover the family was placing bets on the “when?”      The question was simple.      “Did you cry?”      Who, me? I resemble that reputation Me, who has the reputation in this family of being the crier?      Especially at the milestones.      Like the time I cried when I took our daughters to get their

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