How My Husband’s Frequent Flyer Hobby Took Us On The First Class Ride Of A Lifetime!

His frequent flyer hobby booked us a double bed in the sky *Video Posted Below* I thought it was time to share my husband’s crazy over-the-top frequent flyer hobby. This is what consumes our lives when I’m not sharing uplifting news with the world. About 10 years ago he discovered that he could make every dollar going out bring multiple miles back in. And he’s discovered the secrets to burning miles on the most luxurious planes in the world. He

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The Awful Thing We Did Instead Of Taking That $23,000 Luxury Vacation Over New Year’s

As falls go, this was like gravity on steroids.      One minute, my husband was about to pull off one of his frequent flyer mile miracles.      New Year’s week flying around the world on Singapore Suites First Class.      As he does, he was about to pull off a $23,000 trip by paying about $78 per person.      Then, came the computer glitch.      The trip fell apart.      Which brought the question what to do next?     

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