Rescue Donkey Sings ‘Lion King’ Song Along With His Favorite Human

Singing rescue donkey will make your day Nathan the rescue donkey has gone viral. Human Travis Kinley didn’t know Nathan had such a performance gene when he picked up at the border of North and South Carolina a few years ago. Kinley tells WLTX “He was causing some trouble at someone else’s house and I just picked him up for $100 bucks, he seemed alright with me.” They’ve had a fun relationship since Day One. “You can always tell he’s

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College Graduate Who Couldn’t Find A Job Creates Singing Resume

Nothing like a singing resume to sing your own praises. That’s what one recent college graduate has figured out. Page Kemna has been looking for a job in sales in marketing since graduating from the University of Denver. When tons of online applications didn’t pan out, Kemna got creative. Her video is going viral. Shaul Turner of Denver’s Fox 31 has her story. Showing that not every story has a neat ending, Kemna has not yet found the exact job

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