South Korea Sending 10,000 Masks To Navajo Veterans Honoring Their Service During Korean War

Gratitude for Navajo code talkers used their unbreakable code to help defend South Korea Navajo code talkers made significant contributions to help defend South Korea during the Korean War. It’s a story from 70 years ago that many Americans don’t know. South Korea has not forgotten. South Korea sends gratitude The country is sending 10,000 face masks and other protective gear to the Navajo Nation to aid in the fight against the coronavirus. Stars & Stripes reports the Navajo Nation

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Wardrobe Malfunction Can’t Stop Ice Dancer Yura Min As She Improvises Routine In Seoul Olympics

A wardrobe malfunction at the Olympics moments into the biggest performance of your ice dancing career. It’s the thing bad dreams are made of. For South Korea’s Yura Min it became a real life obstacle to overcome as the world watched her and her partner, Alexander Gamelin. She told The Detroit Free-Press that just a few seconds into their routine for the team competition a hook came undone on her costume. Not just any hook. The main hook! “I was

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