Taylor Swift Surprises With Serenade At Couple’s Engagement Party

Taylor Swift Loves Love Superstar Taylor Swift has made a career of singing about her failed relationships. But she still must be a romantic at heart. The Daily Mail reports that super fan Alex Goldschmidt decided to propose while listening to Taylor’s song “King of My Heart” on the radio. For a little something extra. Make that a BIG something extra he took a huge swing–he emailed Swift and asked if she could sing the song at their engagement party.

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Faith Hill Turns Geeky Mom As She Takes Her Daughter To College

Yeah, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are old enough to have a daughter going off to college. Now that you feel old, get ready to smile. She didn’t share where her daughter, Maggie, is going to school, but Hill did post a video on her Instagram page showing a glimpse of the car ride to drop her daughter off. Together they’re jamming to Taylor Swift‘s song, “Bad Blood.” Day 1: #BadBlood singalong w/ Maggie on the way to college! @taylorswift

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