Pediatric Neurosurgeon Operates on Teddy Bear To Fulfill Unusual Request 

Teddy Bear Undergoes Surgery To Comfort His Little Boy A teddy bear named “Little Baby” and his 8-year-old pal, Jackson McKie are pretty much inseparable.   This would be important for just about any kid, but Jackson is a kid who can use some extra comforting.  He has a condition called hydrocephalus which means he gets really bad headaches and has undergone a number of surgeries. Jackson  was having a shunt repaired last week at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax

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Girl Reunited With Beloved Teddy Bear After Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Who doesn’t need their teddy bear in these scary, uncertain times? It doesn’t get scarier than last week’s fatal shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Unsuspecting travelers scrambled to get to safety as a man pulled out a gun in the baggage claim area and started firing. Five people lost their lives. NBC Miami reports another casualty of the chaos was Rufus the Teddy Bear. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department says Rufus was one of the tens of thousands of

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