Waffle House Hero, James Shaw Jr., Has Raised Over $227,000 For Other Shooting Victims

Can James Shaw Jr. be any more incredible? Just hours after he stopped a deadly shooter at a Waffle House in Tennessee, he set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for other victims of the shooting. Four people lost their lives and others are in the hospital. The New York Times was able to shadow Shaw as he visited with some of those victims and their families. Here he is with his daughter, Brooklyn, at a vigil for

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Waffle House Shooting Hero Says Four Year Old Daughter Was His Inspiration To Act

Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw, Jr. knows the answer to the question. What would you do if you had a chance to save the lives of strangers even if it meant it might cost you your own life. This 29-year-old man knows. He acted. The Tennessean reports Travis Reinking, 29, opened fire at about 3:25 a.m. Sunday morning at a Waffle House outside Nashville, TN. Shaw Jr. had just come in the restaurant when he heard a crash. He

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Kindergartener Carden Corts Gives Adorable Weather Report

Kindergartener Carden Corts is the answer to your early Springtime blues if the weather in your area hasn’t yet blossomed to your liking. Carden’s dad, Charlie, explains that this started as a school project. He told the Tennessean “I work at Rated Red, a design studio in Nashville, and we have a green screen video in our office so when I saw this assignment I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for this,” he said then laughed. “No seriously, I thought it

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