How My Daughter’s Secret Compromised My Marriage

They are the words that inspire panic in any well-meaning parent. “I’m going to tell you something,” my daughter announced this week, but you have to promise me you won’t tell any other member of this family.” Talk about the ultimate morals test. On one hand, I was thrilled and relieved that Daughter trusted me enough to share her deep, dark secret. On the other, keep a secret from my husband? We just don’t have that kind of marriage. On

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Girl Scout Crumbles False Advertising When Time To Sell Cookies

Have you been hit up to buy Girl Scout Cookies? Tis the season. One girl in New Jersey is taking the scout oath very seriously. Charlotte McCourt says the first eight words of the oath are, “I will do my best to be honest.” Trying to convince her potential customers that all the cookie flavors are awesome? Well, that wasn’t going to do. She wrote a letter where she gave an honest grade to each of the available flavors. Let’s just

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