Why Tyler Perry Started Crying When He Saw A New Highway Sign Going Up

Tyler Perry shares why this sign is a sign of faith Superstar Tyler Perry is one of the most powerful, successful men in show business. But he knows what it is to struggle. He really, really knows. So, when he saw a new exit sign going up on an Atlanta highway, he started to cry. Tears of joy. Tears of struggle. Tears of gratitude. He shared his thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. “Just know that it is possible to believe

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Tyler Perry Pays Off $434,000 In Christmas Layaway Accounts At Walmarts In Georgia

Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa Superstar producer, director, writer, actor Tyler Perry was trying to be an anonymous Santa. He’s successful at so much. Playing Santa and staying under the radar, not so much. Perry reached out to two Walmart stores in the Atlanta area and paid off $434,000 in Christmas layaway accounts. Perry confessed on his Twitter feed and told the lucky folks what they need to go do next. I was trying to do

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