Delightful UPS Driver Aims To Take A Photo With Every Dog On His Route

UPS Driver Jason Hardesty says he is “easily entertained.” UPS driver Jason Hardesty is mixing thing up. In addition to delivering packages throughout his route in New Orleans, Louisiana, he’s come up with a fabulous goal. He’s taking photos with every dog on his route. He shares the adventure on his Instagram feed which has more than 80,000 followers. View this post on Instagram Jay and Miss Shug @5plus4 #pupsofjay A post shared by Jason Hardesty (@jhardesty) on Nov 22,

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I Didn’t Know I Had It In Me To Make One Man’s Dream Come True

I made a man’s dream come true this week. Not just any man. My 84-year-old uncle. My late mother’s only brother. I didn’t think I had it in me to carry this off. Sometimes forces beyond take over. Uncle shared his last wish with me about a year and a half ago. About six months before my mother died. His wish? He never wanted to see me again. Ever. He hated me. Not in the “Ha ha, Daryn is going

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Departed Uncle Inspires Campaign That Will Shake Your Love Awake

Flowers. Don’t send them. My former colleague, Tim, lost his beloved Uncle Bill this week. His “changed-my-life-one-of-my-favorite-people” kind of uncle. People send flowers. That’s what they do at times like these. Tim says don’t do it. Not because he didn’t adore this man. Oh, how he adored him. Still does. “He’s the man who influenced me to become a journalist,” he says marking his own life journey with clarity. Tim grew up watching his mother’s older brother run a newspaper,

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