Stranger Drives Dog 2,300 Miles For Reunion With Boy Recovering From Surgery

Because could there be any better medicine than a reunion with your dog? The reunion. That’s what Bob Reynolds had on his mind for 2,300 miles. It was the ride of a lifetime for this former trucker. All to bring a boy back together with his dog. The boy is Perryn Miller. He’s 8-years-old and lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. Perryn and his family were visiting with family in Utah over the holidays when the boy started complaining about bad

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Guardian Angel Plumber Sends Kids Of Incarcerated Parents To College

You’re probably thinking a plumber doesn’t make a ton of money. Karl Winsness will tell you you’re right. He makes about $30,000 a year. That’s barely enough to get by, you figure. Let alone make a difference in the world. That’s where you’re wrong. With his modest income, Karl sends kids to college. Lots of them. He does it awarding what he calls, “Willy The Plumber” scholarships to kids in Utah. Kids who probably would find it hard to go

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