Woman Quarantines With Ex-Husband, Their Kids, His Wife, Her Ex-Husband & Their Kids!

Quarantine with ex-husband and the rest of this modern family seemed the best option for all during the coronavirus lockdown Denise Albert never imagined living with her ex-husband again. Crazy coronavirus quarantine times call for situations none of us could’ve ever imagined. She explains the series of events that led to this set up on Facebook and in more detail on this post on ThriveGlobal.com. Albert shares two young sons with her ex-husband, who is remarried. Her ex’s wife has

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Political Opponents End Debate In Harmony With Beautiful Music Duet

Duet Sets The Tone During The Unsettled Times Lucy Rogers and Zac Mayo do not appear to be a political duet made in heaven. And they’re not. They’re running against other for a state House seat in Lamoille County, Vermont. Lucy is a Democrat. Zac is a Republican. They have very different political views, which was quite evident during a recent debate. Interested citizens were expecting that. What they were not expecting is what Rogers and Mayo did at the

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An Old Horse And His Friend Give Each Other A Reason To Live

Talk about an old horse. You could call Waco, the retired harness racer one of those and simply be reporting a fact. Waco is 40 years old. When you do the horse math, that makes him about 120 in equivalent human years. Living a long time is one thing. Having a reason to do so is a whole other. That’s something loner Donnie McAdams understands. How these two came together in a Vermont barn and how they keep each other

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