Pumpkin the Cat Attacks Microphone Declaring Work From Home Conference Call Is Over!

Pumpkin the cat attacks microphone showing the challenges pet lovers everywhere are facing Pumpkin the cat attacks microphone. It’s the headline pet lovers across the world can relate to right now as they try to work from home during the coronavirus quarantine. Pumpkin seems to be speaking for all pets. “This conference call is over!” The Daily Mail says that is 32-year-old Leandra Lynn trying to take a call using her phone headset. Pumpkin apparently has an accomplice in mischief.

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Mother Of Slain Officer Serves Hundreds Of Cops Holiday Dinner

Can the grief of a mother who has buried her son know any end? I would imagine no. Shirley Gibson and her husband, Harrison, have known this immense pain since 1997. Their son, Brian was a Washington D.C. police officer who was ambushed while sitting in his patrol car. At her son’s funeral, she wondered how she would ever get through the holidays. Her answer has been simply brilliant. She cooks. Cooks her son’s favorite foods and invites local police

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