Janitor Wins Literature Award From The University She’s Paid To Clean

The Rooney Prize Is For Irish Literature, Writer Who Shows Great Promise Caitríona Lally is proud of her work as a janitor. She cleans room at Trinity College Dublin because it works for her life as a mom, wife, and writer. Any writer will tell you that just because you get your first book published, doesn’t mean that will cover all the bills. That’s what Lally found out after her first book, “Eggshells,” was published in 2015. Amazon calls “Eggshells,”

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What Happens When Reporter Names This County ‘The Worst Place To Live In America?’

You have to be careful when you call someplace “the worst place to live in America.” That’s what Washington Post reporter Chris Ingraham found out. He thought he was completing a simple assignment in 2015, writing about a US Department of Agriculture study that ranked counties in the country on scenery and climate. Ingraham took the data and concluded that Red Lake County, Minnesota was the worst place to live in America. He could never anticipate the reaction that one

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Inky The Octopus Escapes Tank, Slips Out Pipe To Ocean & Freedom

Supporters of a certain octopus can be heard chanting around the world, “Go, Inky, Go!” The Washington Post reports that Inky spent the last months living in a tank at the New Zealand National Aquarium. He arrived after being rescued. If you didn’t have a chance to see him, this is what Inky looked like. So flowy and beautiful. But, behind that fluid ballet-like octopus was a scheming mind. The Post reports that Inky slipped through a gap left by maintenance workers

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