Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos Launch $30 Million Fund to Expand Women’s Power & Influence

Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos, world’s richest women, committed to changing the world for women and minorities Melinda Gates and Mackenzie Bezos are two of the richest women in the world. They are teaming up to put their millions to work changing the story of women in America. Why wait for equality? They hate the idea that at the current rate it would take 208 years for women to catch up to equal pay with men. They know they don’t

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SPANX Founder Sara Blakely Is Giving $5,000 to 1,000 Female Entrepreneurs

Sara Blakely says she started SPANX with $5,000 and wants to give a boost to fellow female entrepreneurs SPANX founder Sara Blakely knows what it is to be a struggling entrepreneur. She started her billion dollar shapewear company with $5,000, carting samples around in her red backpack. Make that her LUCKY red backpack. Blakely truly believes that backpack was her lucky charm. She has long been about sharing her success and giving back. That’s now more important than ever. Blakely

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