Because Women Without Children Are Magnificent, Too

How did women without children get left out of the celebration? With all due respect to us mothers, I’m not sure how we ended up with this day to celebrate only women who have children. Women are creators and nurturers. This expresses itself in different ways. To my fellow mothers, you have a whole card aisle and the world to tell you how magnificent you are. To you, my fellow women who do not have children, I know some of

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How Women Took Over The World Of Running

Full disclosure–running has long been my drug of choice. Ever since high school, when Coach Chuck Kloes turned me into a very successful junior varsity cross country runner, which pretty much meant I finished the race. I’ve been running one way or another ever since. Now, The Wall Street Journal says I’m part of a growing trend and didn’t even know it. Women are taking over the world and business of running. So many women are participating in weekend events,

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