Pregnant Mayor-Elect Paige Cognetti Will Be First Female Mayor Of This Pennsylvania City

Pregnant mayor-elect Paige Cognetti is making all kinds of history in Scranton, Pennsylvania Mayor-elect Paige Cognetti will be the first female mayor of Scranton, Pennsylvania and the very pregnant Cognetti will be the first to give birth during her term in office. Quite a story for a young woman who is taking on a huge challenge. She ran in a special election after Scranton’s then-mayor, Bill Courtright, pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges. Cognetti stepped into the race as an

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How A Working Mother Would Handle Kids Crashing Her Live Interview

And now for the working mother version of the funny, relatable interview seen around the world. Surely, you’ve seen Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed about South Korea on the BBC when his two young children came in the room. Parents around the world could relate and laughed. Now, a New Zealand comedy duo, Jono and Ben have come up with a comedy skit showing how a working mom would handle the same situation. There are some stereotypes here, to be

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