Man Who Grew Up Without A Father Goes Viral With His Dadvice ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Channel

Rob Kenney knows what it is to grow up without ‘Dadvice,’ guidance and love An unexpected star shines Dadvice. It’s what new YouTube star Rob Kenney is sharing. He would tell you he is the most unlikely viral star ever. He was simply looking to do his part to make the world a slightly better place. He knows what it is to grow up without a dad. A rough childhood He was the youngest of eight kids in a dysfunctional

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How A Burn Victim Became An Online Beauty Inspiration And Star

Shalom Nchom, is a burn victim who is known as Shalom Blac to her thousands of YouTube fans. She was severely injured and scarred when she was burned by hot oil when she was a child. Badly scarred, she used makeup as a way to protect herself from bullying. Glamour Magazine has a great piece where Shalom describes what it is to look different, how her pain inspired her to help others. Now, Shalom shares with others how to feel beautiful —

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