Talented Louisville Violinist Plays Outside The Windows of A Senior Care Community During Quarantine

Violinist Matthew Lane offers his gift to seniors in lockdown

One violinist has a gift to share.

A talented musician played outside the windows of Louisville’s Altenheim Senior Health Care Community

Matthew Lane, owner of Lane & Edwards Violins, traded his indoor desk for an outdoor concert last March. 

Nothing is greater than the gift of music, especially during a time of crisis. 

WDRB News reports residents, who are unable to leave because of the pandemic, enjoyed the personal concert from the comfort and safety of their rooms. 

Talented violinist Matthew Lane plays outside Senior Health Care Community in Louisville

Lane stood with only a bow, a violin, and a stand of sheet music in the open quartyard. His audience was quiet but attentive. 

Matthew Lane believes it was one of his most meaningful performances. 

“Music is a unifying and connecting factor…”

Matthew Lane
Seniors listen to the music from inside

Lane played for each wing of the building, so each resident could have a chance to hear. Residents enjoyed everything from classical music, to hits from the Beatles, to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music

He hopes that his music broke the barrier that kept the seniors feeling isolated. He understands how alone they must feel, as visitors to the facility have been limited as of late.

Lane told KCal 9 News, “Taking care of people as good neighbors is important. This is one of the ways in which we as musicians, who have to practice our instruments anyway, can do that.”

Music brings hope in the face of fear

Seniors, such as these in Louisville’s Care Facility, face the biggest risk for contracting the coronavirus. In return, little to no social interaction is unfortunately the reality that these seniors face. 

But, Lane’s music has brought them joy: it is simply the little things.      

I would only hope that my own grandparents would receive this much care and generosity in a time like this.

It is a hope that we all have.   

WDRB News reported that Lane hopes to return to Altenheim Senior Health Care Community with a quartet. 

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Talented Louisville Violinist Plays Outside The Windows of A Senior Care Community During Quarantine

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