Teary Reunion As Chimps See Woman Who Saved Them 25 Years Ago

Beautiful moment as chimps reunite with woman who helped free them 25 years ago from a drug testing lab.

“Do you remember me?” What a beautiful question and moment as a woman who has dedicated her life to saving chimps reunites with a trio she helped save and rehabilitate 25 years ago.

The Daily News reports that Linda Koebner was a young graduate student when she helped free three chimps who had been used for research for a hepatitis vaccine.

When the studies were done, it was time to release the chimps, but researchers weren’t sure if they could learn how to have a normal existence after living in cages their entire lives.

Linda dedicated four years of her life to helping them transition.

She now runs her own chimp haven in Louisiana.

She recently returned to Lion Country, where her old friends live in South Florida.

Would they remember her all these years later?

A PBS documentary by Argo Films called The Wisdom of The Wild follows the reunion.

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Teary Reunion As Chimps See Woman Who Saved Them 25 Years Ago

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