Teen Turns Down $30 Million For Company He Created

Teen inventor Taylor Rosenthal invented a vending machine that sells first aid supplies. He's turned down a $30 million offer to buy his company.

It’s mind-boggling to think how many iTunes gift cards and video games a teen could buy with $30 million!

Somehow, 14 year-old Taylor Rosenthal had the self-control to say, “No, thank you,” when a big health care company offered him that huge sum for the company he has created.

Taylor came up with the idea of vending machines that sell first aid kits and supplies.

His company, RecMed, is getting ready to roll them out at baseball and amusement parks across the country.

Taylor explains why his idea is a good one.

It all started as a project for his Young Entrepreneurs Association group.

Taylor came up with the idea after all the years he’s spent playing baseball.

He told AOL it seems no one ever has a Band Aid where a kid needs them.

And so, RecMed was born.

So, if not, $30 million, then what?

Taylor spoke recently with Fox Business Channel’s Stuart Varney.

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Teen Turns Down $30 Million For Company He Created

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